In the beginning of the 1960s, in the city of Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo State was becoming the ceramic capital of the country, as there were already countless industries already set up and operating there, especially due to the abundance of “Taguá” clay, widely used for manufacturing ceramic hydraulic tiles and also ceramic sewer pipes. Antonio Giovani Lanzi who could foresee the great demand for these products in the market, along with his in-depth knowledge in the field of ceramics, established the company on August 16th 1961, as Cerâmica Industrial Ypê Ltda. Initially, the manufactured products were mainly sold in São Paulo, the capital city of the state and also in Santos seacoast region.

Due to the need for diversifying the product line, Cerâmica Ypê started in 1977 to manufacture non-enameled floor tiles, known as “vermelhinhos” (little red tiles), in two sizes 7.5×15cm and 15×15cm, for serving the needs back in those days. Then beginning in 1979, he began manufacturing enameled floor tiles and that process continued until the end of 1987. The company continued developing its history and then in 1986, Ypê began an industrial modernization project, seeking to increase productivity and quality in the production of enameled ceramic coverings. He took countless trips for research and  studies in Italy and Spain, the main and most advanced producers of ceramic products in the world, as we went there to search for the latest global technique and trends in this sector.

The floor plan for implementing the new factory was concluded in 1987 and, the next year the construction started funded by the company’s own resources. Then in April 1991 the production of enameled ceramic coverings began using the mono-baking process (baking the base and the enamel in a single operation), one of the most modern technologies in existence.   There was a great deal of expansion and globalization in our ceramic business, so we came to the conclusion it was necessary to change the brand name and beginning in 1999, the company changed its name to "Lanzi", as a corporate brand and product brand. It is a bold and short name and recovers the Italian tradition in ceramics and also the history of the company, and likewise pays tribute to the founder’s name Antonio Giovani Lanzi. And evolution has never ceased and thus, Lanzi has been continually surpassing its records in production and productivity, as it is considered as one of the factories with the best efficiency and quality ratings in the world.

So, now it is named, Cerâmica Lanzi. A modern and bold company and it is committed to the market and the environment.