Porcelain Tiles

This product is obtained from special raw materials, as they are super compact, homogenous, dense, and totally sintered. They are polished or enameled and their great advantages are: extremely high resistance to abrasion, resistant to ice and acids, high durability when compared to natural stone and other types of materials, uniform colors and completely impermeable. 

Large Sizes

Besides other traditional sizes, Lanzi offers products in the following sizes 25x103, 51x103, 27x110, and 55x110cm to display the highest degree of elegance and sophistication, ideal for surroundings seeking uniformity, esthetics, and elegance.

Special Pieces

They are special tiled pieces with sizes and unusual designs, for finishing touches to complement, decorate, and valorize esthetics for all types of surroundings.


Polished (Rectified Finishing)

This product goes through an extra step in the production process, making the product more squared off, as its sides have been rectified. The great advantage is that this specification provides tile laying without practically any grouting joint, an ideal condition for a decoration project that demands more esthetic elegance.

Wall Coverings

These coverings are recommended for indoor walls, such as bathrooms and kitchens; they are basically composed of noble clays and baked at temperatures resulting in high levels of porosity (over 10% absorption rating). They provide excellent size stability (expansion from humidity is almost null). They comply with the BIII Group in the ISO 13006 standard and they are laid with a 1mm joint (as they are polished). Their enameled surface is highly glossy and there are no holes and irregularities and impeccable texture, when compared to dry finishing and wet mono-baking processes.